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Simple instructions to work with the ProfitServer service
How to setup Firewall on Windows OS with RDP or VNC

First of all you need to connect to your Windws server with RDP or VNC under the Administrator 

1. After you need to open Control Panel on your server (Start -> Control Panel)

2. Then go to Administration

3. Run Windows Brandmore in security mode

4. To add new rule go to Rules of income connections and press Add new rule

5. After you open wizard chose type of the rule. For us it is a "Create new rule for the port". 

6. On the next step just select protocol and port. In our case it is TCP-protocol an port 1550.

7. Now chose the action wich will be executed in case of sircumstations. Because we need port to be opened, select "Allow connection"

8. After you finish select profiles for wich this rule can de applied.

9. On the last step just press Finish button.

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