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We accept Paypal, Webmoney, Perfect Money, Visa/MasterCard and many more include bank transfer. Also we accept BTC, ETH, LTC

You can deposit your personal account in the following way:

  • Switch to account panel using the Account Information module. Select the special section – Payments.
  • Then click the button Create a New Payment. Then choose method of payment (from the list), indicate the amount of transfer.
  • When paying in a branch of bank, it’s possible to print out the transfer order. Documents are filled-in in e-form directly in the module.
  • We use different electronic payment systems, including systems that use plastic cards. When using this payment method, select Paymaster. This service is used to execute payment transactions.
  • Using this module, you can get information on crediting of money to your account in real time. Please note that traditional bank transfers take much time. You can speed up identification of such transfers by sending a document e-copy with the transfer order to our customer support center.

Payment for services is effected automatically. This operation is carried out monthly. As a result, the amount equal to the cost of services rendered for corresponding period (1 month) is charged off the client’s personal account. That said, the start date of services delivery is taken into consideration. Let’s give an example. Suppose a user started to use a service (he transferred money and got access) on 01/01/2015 having paid 1 month. It means that this service will be available to and including 02/09/2015. In such a way, one needs to replenish his own account in order to avoid unpredictable delays, interruption in service rendering. Payments are effected in any amount and any time the user likes. You can check writing off information in the separate section Charge of the personal account panel. When getting major and additional services, payments are effected in the same way.

  • Pay in advance, 6 and more months before.
  • Use promo codes!

  1. To send a screenshot confirming the payment was made from your purse and you’re an owner of this purse, or a card scan.
  2. To fill in and send a signed request scan Request for Agreement Termination and Money Back.
  3. To send an identity document (passport) scan.
  4. Refund is possible only from balance.
  5. If law or network rules violations are involved, you cannot get money back.

You need to send all documents via a ticket system in the control panel. It takes 3 business days to process a request.

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