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How to create subdomain (third level domain name) on a web-hosting

Sometimes you need to crate subdomain (third level domain) to put some pages of your web site to it. Or just to connect this third level domain name to another web site or multiply sites. It this article we will show how to create subdomain (third level domain name) ib Hosting Control Panel of the ProfitServer service.

To create subdomain you should go to the Hosting Control Panel. It is possible to do by two ways: through the access data that you have received after hosting was orderered and the second way is to do it through Billing Control Panel. We will do second way in this manual.

  1. Go to your account. Click to "Shared Hosting" in the left panel. After it choose exactly service you wish to work with and click "To Panel" button on the top. 

  1. Now we are in Hosting Control Panel. Choose "WWW-domains" in the left side bar. After it click "Add" button on the top.

  1. Now you need to enter you subdomain name. It must contain your main domain name and dot. For example: here your main domain name is and your third level domain is subdomain. So you should enter this full name in the "Name" field. After it all fields will be filled automatically. After all press OK to save it. 

  1. You just have created third level domain name on your web-hosting )
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