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Can VPS server be used for masternode hosting?

Do you think you can order a virtual VPS server from ProfitServer and use it to host your own masternode in the Blockchain?

And the answer is “YES, you can!” In order for a masternode to work you’ll need a server with any OS on board. The OS choice depends on the cryptocurrency you want to work with. Another key requirement is a dedicated IP address.

What is a masternode?

Masternode is a full node in the Blockchain network that is online for 24/7 constantly conducting some certain work for the whole network. In exchange, the node receives a certain fee in cryptocurrency. Do not confuse masternode operation with mining! Mining implies a lot of calculation work and requires massive hardware resources. Masternode does not require vast resources because its work is usually connected with confirmations and conducting transactions in the Blockchain.

Masternode is a program that operates on a computer with a continuous Internet access. A program like this can be launched on an ordinary desktop PC but it’d be more stable if working on a dedicated server. The service administrators don’t have the access to the data on your virtual servers, so you are the only one who can access the masternode. Moreover, there are technologies that allow launching masternode on a remote VPS and receiving deposit coins and fee to a different wallet that is installed on your personal computer.

What VPS configuration do I need to launch and host a masternode?

Every network requires different VPS configuration. As a rule, 2 Gb RAM is a minimum for a masternode. It also requires a dedicated IP address. Potentially, there can be many masternodes on a virtual server - each one on its own IP address.

If you’re planning to launch a lot of masternodes, the best solution will be to rent a dedicated server with additional IP addresses.

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