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How to switch PHP to necessary version on web hosting

To improve your website and increase page load speed you need to have last version of PHP on your web hosting. This is necessary if you care about SEO and Google Page Speed points. All these settings are made in the Hosting Control Panel. You can enter it by using access you received by e-mail after you finished the order. Another way is to autorise through Billing Panel.

1. In the Hosting Panel go to PHP folder and after choose necessary version (or any version you need exactly). After it press "Activate" button.

2. After it go to "WWW-domains" and choose your web site you exactly need to change PHP version. After it press "Edit" button.

3. Last thing is to switch PHP in the "Additional features" field. You need to change the "PHP mode" to "CGI"

Dont forget to save your settings by pressing "OK" buton in the bottom!

Thats all. Now you have necessary version of PHP.

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