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How to add domain dame registered at other domain registrar

In this article we explane how to add domain to your shared hosting website and how to add any domain that regisred outside ProfitServer. First you need to autorize to you Hosting Panel. You can do it by two ways: by using access data that you have received in the e-mail and autorize directly from billing panel of ProfitServer here

1. After you autorize in billing go to Hosting Panel by clicking on button "To panel"

How to add a domain to web hosting

2. In this panel you should chose WWW-domains folder that located in the left bar. After press "Add" button on the top.

How to add a domain to web hosting

3. In this new window add domain name in the "Name" field. All others field will be added automatically.

How to add a domain to web hosting

4. Now go to your domain name registrar web site and write ProfitServer NS and After all data on name servers renew you can use your domain and it will be connected to your hosting. Please keep in mind that renewal of NS takes time up to 72 hours. 

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