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How to install SSL certificate on your shared hosting

Installin SSL certificate is a very importan part of you website security and reputation. In this article we shortly provide step-by-step manual how to install SSL certificate on your website on shared hosting. If you are client of ProfitServer, then all procedure is very syple and almost automatic. 

If you already have SSL certificate then scroll down to the firts step. If no then please read manual how to order SSL certificate.

Please login to the billing panel here

1. Go to the panel and select SSL certificates in the left sidebar. In new window you will be allow to download secret key and certificate files. Download it on your PC. If you purchased SSL in another provider then please download necessary files from it. 

Downloading secret keys for SSL

2. Login to shared hosting panel and select SSL certificates in the left bar. Press Add button in the top. Then select certificate type as Existing and press Next button. 

3. In the new window it is necessary to write name of SSL certificate and fill all the fields with content. Open your files (you dowloaded on a step 1) in any text editor and just copy-paste the content. Keep in mind that field Certificate chain must be filed with content of 3 files one next to previous. After you insert all the data please press Finish button.

4. After all go to the WWW-domains and select a domain for that you created the SSL certificate. Press Edit button. 

5. In the settings turn on Secure connection (SSL) and select exactly SSL certificate from the list.

Thats all. Now just press OK and enjoy your new SSL!

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