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How to order SSL certificate

Frequently users ask how to order SSL certificate for a website. This task has a very simple solution if you are a client of ProfitServer. And in this guide we will show step-by-step how to order SSL certificate. We provide simply manual with screenshots. If you already have SSL then please check our manual how to install SSL certificate to your shared hosting.

First of all you should authorise in the billing here

1. Go to the panel an select SSL certificates in the left sidebar. After it press Order button in the top.

Ordering SSL sertificate

2. In the new folder select SSL certificate exactly you need and payment period and then press Order button.

Selection and ordering of SSL sertificate

3. Now fill all the requirement fields (they marked with a stars) and press Next button.

Настройка параметров SSL

4. System will generate secret key. You just need to press Next button.

Generation of new SSL key

5. Now it is necessary to fill your contact data. After you do that press Next button.

Setting up SSL

6. On the next step you need to select the SSL certificate validation method.

Note! If you select to validate SSL certificate by e-mail, you must create before it one of special e-mail boxes listed in here. All other e-mail`s can not be applied here. If you will select invalid e-mail, then SSL certificate shall not be generated. This is important step.

How to order SSL certificate for your website

7. After it you can setup auto renewal (if you need it). We reccomend to do it. After all just press Add to cart button.

Buy SSL certificate

8. In the last step of ordering you need to pay this order. Immediatlly after the payment SSL sertificate starts to generate. It can take a time (up to 24h)

Оплата ССЛ-сертификата

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