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Simple instructions to work with the ProfitServer service
How to install own OS to the server from ISO image

In this article you can find the process of ISO installation to remote server detailed

1. Upload ISO-image with OS distributive

Установка ISO на VPS

2. Nex step: It is necessary to STOP virtual server in VMManager panel. Select server you need and press the button "Stop" then confirm it in the window that will apeear. Then press button "Disks"

Установка ISO на VPS

3. In the new folder press the button "ISO"

Установка ISO на VPS

4. In the new appeared folder chose the image that you uploaded before on the step 1. Install Virtual device in "hda". Select Boot priority - "To the beginning". Press ОК, you will be redirected to previous folder.

Установка ISO на VPS

5. Again press "ISO" button. In the new appeared folder chose available image "virtio-drivers-win.iso", install Virtual device to "hdb", select Boot priority - "To the end". This is the process of installation of disk with drivers. It will be useful during the process of OS installation.

6. Return to "Virtual machines", chose the machine you stopped before and press "Start" button on the top. As soon virtual machine will run - necessary QUICKLY press "VNC" button on the top - It will open new browser folder (or new browser window - depends of software you use). In this new folder you will see terminal window, and standard Microsoft dialogue - "Press any key to boot from CD or DVD..." Press any key and the process of ISO installation will begin.

7. Process of installation is the same as OS instalation to PC

8. In the process of OS installation from ISO-image you will meet the step with chose of source for OS installation. The list of devices will be empty. To detect devices it is necessary to install driver from the second ISO-image we connected early (on the step 5). To do this press the button "Install driver" and chose viostor driver from this disk.

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