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Hosting affiliate program - Lifetime payouts

In this article we’re going to provide you with a detailed description of our Hosting affiliate program. We’ll describe the functionality of the personal account and provide you with a few cases that show how to start earning money with the hosting affiliate without any investments and receive lifetime payments.

Signing up for the affiliate program

If you signed up to the Control Panel you automatically signed up to our affiliate program. You can find your referral link in the "Client" section — "Affiliate program". 

hoting affiliate programm ProfitServer

It is your unique link. Any user clicking it will be redirected to our website and receive a cookie file that will be saved in the system for 3 months. Even if he doesn’t sign up at his first visit, the system will remember the user as your referral. If he signs up not later than three months he will become you lifetime referral.


You can take a look at your real-time statistics from your personal account. There’s information about logons and revenue. In order to see the info about you referral registrations click the "Statistics" button.

affiliate programm statictics. ProfitServer

You’ll see a couple of columns: date and time of a clickthrough, IP address of the customer, and original website. If the customer is signed up you’ll see his login. If he made a payment there’s going to be a flag.

Partner fees are made automatically on the first day of every month. You can withdraw the money sending your request to our support team. Minimum withdrawal amount is 20 USD.

In order to see the revenue stats go to the "Reward" tab.

affiliate programm statictics

You can build revenue reports here for different time intervals.

Where can I promote my link? Hands-on examples of hosting affiliate.

At the moment hosting services and domain names markets are still in the early stages of development. More and more people discover the Internet and create website or web services for different purposes. It means that the field is going to develop and grow for a good amount of time and the end is not even there.

Right now you have a chance to become a partner of a reliable and well-trusted service. Our clients stay with us for months and even years because they usually create websites for long periods of time. And you will be receiving fees as long as your customers make payments.

In order to start earning money with our hosting affiliate program you don’t have to learn how to create websites (it’s not reselling!). All you need to do is to promote your referral link and motivate people go through it. What are the ways to do it? Here’s a couple of simple hands-on examples:

  • Create a message on a topical forum;
  • Post your link on you social network pages;
  • Make a video about the service and post it on YouTube;
  • If you have a website, post an article about the service and provide your referral link in it;
  • Use context ads and any other types of ads you feel comfortable with;
  • Attract targeted traffic any other way you know. Try thinking outside the box!

There are no restrictions. There are only two ways that we disallow: spam and branded context ads. That means you can not show ads by request "profitserver".

Our website is well converted in the English-speaking environment: average purchase amount and conversion are better there!

If you’re still in two minds whether to start or not, just try and do it!

We also made a short video about our hosting affiliate program.

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