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Reselling program
You can create a great and successful business with ProfitServer
Get a discount of 30% for the whole series of virtual services VPS and VDS.
ProfitServer offers you to earn money with us, by participating in a program of reselling virtual services.
We will provide you with a discount for our virtual services – you will be able to sale them under your brand.
How does it work?
Receive an order for a server
Buy a server at ProfitServer with a discount
Sell it to your client with a profit for yourself
Get a nice profit because of the price difference
You will receive your profit immediately!
Discount +margin =your profit that you will receive right after your first offer.
Forget about the term of recoupment, any kind of additional expenses and other difficulties – it is all vague.
How can become a reseller
Only partners who want to resell our services in huge amount to third parties can participate in our program.
The main condition is that you have to have your own web-site and sell not less than 10 servers in 6 months.
Hosting-provider`s web-site
Web-site has to be ready for posting our announcements about virtual servers. It would be great if a web-site would be for working hosting company that has an experience of working with hosting-services and client base.
Web-site for web-studio
Apart from creating web-sites web-studio has to offer their additional services to clients about the placement of the site.
The conditions of the reselling program
Reselling program is working for a reselling of our services to third parties and not for getting a discount for existing servers. And for that matter there can not be any rearrangements among existing servers and the accounts on them.
  • In order to participate in this program you ought to create a new account that will be included into a group of resellers.
  • As soon as 6 months will pass there have to be no less than 10 virtual servers. Consequently number of servers has to increase.
  • We forbid to set prises for services lower than those for average clients on ProfitServer.
  • The resellers ought to create such conditions for their clients that will be higher than services that are provided by Profit Server.
  • It is totally not allowed to lure clients who already are using Profit Server to services from resellers.
To become a partner and earn money with ProfitServer
Billmanager settings
  • 1. If BillManager 5 is not set at you yet, then you need the x64 CentOS 7 operating system x64 or Debian 8. Installation will take you no more than 5 minutes according to documentation on the official site of billing: of the Demo license on 50 clients is free and is activated automatically.
  • 2. In the section "Integration — Processors modules" press the Create button:

  • 3. Choose type of a product which you would like to sell, for example "The virtual server":

  • 4. Press the Add button opposite to the Integration with BillManager 5 point:

  • 5. In the field of "URL" enter, and also specify your login with the password in our billing:

  • 6. As the name of the handler, you can specify Profitserver:

  • 7. Pass into the section "Products — Tariff plans" and press the Import button:

  • 8. Choose the processing module created on a step 6:

  • 9. Choose type of a product and a plan which you would like to sell:

  • 10. For start of sales of the chosen product, it was necessary to include it:

  • 11. The name of a plan and its parameters, including cost, you can change!
To become a partner and earn money with ProfitServer
How to participate in reselling program?

You should write a ticket message to support and answer a short interview.

Where i can exactly read about reseller software installation?
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