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Affiliate Program
Earn money with us by means of modern virtual technologies without leaving the house!
You will not have to construct your own data processing center, buy or administrate the server, provide technical support. We will do everything for you!
How does it work?
All you need is to register in a partner program and put a partner link at your website, in your blog or at your social network page and begin to earn money.
In case of click on your partner link the visitor will get cookie in their browser for a period of one year and now the user is your referral. If the user becomes our client during the time period, you will begin to receive percent from their payments for our services.
Partner link click-through rates, registrations and payment statistics is available on-line through the control panel.
Money can be withdrawn through WebMoney and PayPal. Minimal amount that can be withdrawn is 20 dollars.
We offer two levels of participation in the Affiliate program:
Basic level of participation
Basic Level of the Partner Program is available on default for all our customers.

  • You get 10% from expenses for services from every customer attracted by you.
Premium level
This offer is for web-studios or website owners which want to earn money with us.

You will get Premium Level in exchange for information publication about our service (articles and descriptions) or our logo (banner) hosting at your resource.

  • You get 20% from all payments made by the customers attracted by you;
  • 25% discount to all ProfitServer services;
  • Web-studios gets server under Master plan as a bonus.
To participate in the partner program at Premium Level you are required to send a request to the technical support. Use the form below!

If the value of al payments of customers attracted by you does not increase during 3 months, the partner level is automatically decreased to basic regardless of the number of customers, and the following increase of the status is possible not less than in 3 months.
Examples of effective cooperation
  • 1. Make the review of service in the blog

  • 2. Make video review and insert the affiliate link

Were i can get my affiliate link?
Your personal link is in you Control Panel in the Client — Affiliate program
How to check statistics of attracted clients?
Select subsection PARTNER PROGRAM in the control panel in section CLIENT. Then choose the current partner program and click STATISTICS. In the report that appears you can see all clients, who visited the site by your link, IP, time of visits, a website the client jumped from, and also login in the system (if it’s a registered client) and delivered payments (if any).
How are partners’ payments credited?
Partners’ payments are credited at the end of calendar month. Statistics is available in the control panel in section FINANCES (subsection EARNINGS FROM PARTNER PROGRAM). You can order withdrawal via ticket system.
How to get income?
You need to order payment via ticket system indicating method of payment. Payment can be effected to WMZ or PayPal.
I would like to resell. Do you provide reselling?
Yes! Reselling is a kind of participate when you can sell all the services of ProfitServer on your websites by the prices you whant. Please read this technical manual
Is there any restrictions for promotion ways?

Spam is prohibited. Context advertisement with brand ProfitServer is prohibited. 

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