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How to setup network in Debian OS

In this article we wil show how to set up network in Debian OS. We will give detailed instruction with each step described.

1. First you should know your IP config. You can do it with Net-tools utilite. To do this you should execute command:

apt install net-tools

Настройка сети в Debian

2. Next step is editing configuration file /etc/network/interfaces. You can do it with any editor, for example Nano. Execute command:

nano /etc/network/interfaces

Default configuration looks like this screenshot:

Настройка сети в Debian

3. To set up static IP, you shold set up interface from dhcp to static and write your IP-address, mask, gateway and DNS.  

Настройка сети в Debian

 4. To set up multiply it is necessary to add one more interface with the same name and write its number. After write its IP, mask, gateway and DNS.

Настройка сети в Debian

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