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Simple instructions to work with the ProfitServer service
How to order a server and pay for it. Step-by-step guide

Good day! In this guide we’re going to tell you how to sign up to ProfitServer billing, to order a server (in this example we’ll show you how to order a virtual server) and make a payment. We’ll also guide you what to do next)

Signing up in

You can enter the billing panel from the primary site and through this link If you are not signed up you’ll need to do that, which will take less than a minute. Make sure you enter an existing email address because we’ll send an email with the access details to your server. Be sure to set a strong password. By the way, you can generate it automatically by clicking the "dice" button. make sure you remember or save your new password.

How to order virtual server

You can also sign up using one of the most popular social networks.

How to order a virtual server

After the registration you’ll be redirected to the billing panel where you can see your account information: active services, balance, support requests. In order to book a virtual server go to the "Virtual private servers" tab."

How to order virtual server

You’ll see all your virtual servers there both active and inactive. Since you don’t have an active server yet you’ll need to click the "Order" button.

How to order virtual server

You’ll be redirected to the first stage of the booking process. Here you’ll need to choose your plan. Please note that some plans have restrictions. They are described in the list of all plans. It is also an important thing to know if you need to have the ability to increase or decrease resources "on the fly". In this case you’ll need a Cloud plan. 

At every step you’ll need to choose a data center where you want to order the server and a payment period. A discount will be automatically applied if you choose a longer period of time. For example, if you choose to pay for a year you’ll get 15% off.

Once you’ve chosen you plan click the "Order" button.

How to order virtual server

You’ll be redirected to the second stage of the ordering process. Now you need to specify the parameters of your server. You’ll need to choose the following parameters:

  • Auto renewal the subscription will be automatically prolonged if you have sufficient money on your balance. You can choose the period of automatic prolongation as well.
  • Domain name is the domain that you’re going to link to the server (can be edited any time)
  • OS template - Choose a ready boilerplate of one of the most popular OSs that will be automatically installed on your server.
  • Recipe is a set of scripts and programs that will be installed along with the OS. Just leave this field empty if you need clean OS only.
  • CPU, RAM, SSD and IP`s are parameters that can be adjusted on your server. You can add them within Cloud, Master and Uber plans only.
  • Name servers is required to link your domain name to your server. Make sure you choose the NS you’re going to use. If you don’t have any you can rent one from ProfitServer

Once you specified all the parameters of your future server check them once again and if everything is OK just click the "Add to cart" button.

How to order virtual server

You’ll be able to enter a promo code and get a discount at the next step. We strongly recommend subscribing to our Telegram channel, to keep up with all the special offers and get them ASAP. All announcements and promo codes will be posted there.  

Click the "Pay" button

How to order virtual server

Virtual server payment

At the next step you’re going to choose the payment method convenient to you. At the moment ProfitServer receives all popular payment methods. All you need to do is to choose the one that works for you better and click the "Pay" button.

How to order virtual server

If it’s your first time paying on our website you’re going to have to create a Payer user. If you are a private individual it’ll take a couple of seconds. If you are a legal entity you’ll have to provide all your company details.

How to order virtual server

Enter the name, the country and accept the terms and conditions. Click "Next" button.

How to order virtual server

Next you’re going to see the last window before the payment page. Click the "Pay" button and you’ll get redirected to the page of the payment system you’ve chosen before.

How to order virtual server

Access information. What happens after the payment

Right after the payment is successfully completed your server will be started and all the installation and settings will begin. If you’ve chosen an OS from the Linux series the process will take about 2-5 minutes. If you’ve chosen OS Windows it’ll take a little bit longer (it depends on the server capacity). Usually it takes about 10-15 minutes. Once it’s done you’ll get an email with all the details and credentials to your new virtual server. You’ll also be able to log into the server control panel, as well as your personal account from the billing panel.

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