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Ispmanager — control panel for VPS/VDS, dedicated and cloud servers

Ispmanager is a control and administration panel for Linux servers. It has a self-explanatory user interface and wide functionality it will be appreciated by both beginning webmasters and administrators and experienced specialists
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With the purchase of a VPS or dedicated, you get free ispmanager for one month

Why ispmanager?

A set of tools for server support
Almost all tools necessary for the operation of a web server and websites are integrated in ispmanager. These are DNS server, mgrctl utility, Docker, Dovecot, Exim, WHMCS, Cloudflare, DDoS-GUARD, fail2bun and others
Wide functionality
Ispmanager is adapted to different tasks and is suitable for web developers, administrators, site owners. Using the panel, you can manage user rights, domains and DNS records, issue SSL and configure protection, create backups, databases, CMS and much more
Constant improvements
Only for the past year we have released more than 10 significant addons. These are support for various PHP modes and versions of MySQL, PHP-Composer, Node.js, OpenLiteSpeed, PageSpeed, Percona Server, HostCMS and a Dr.Web antivirus mudule
Responsive attitude to users
Ispmanager users vote for the desired features in the roadmap and discuss the panel in social networks. The development team reviews all suggestions for improvements and bug reports. Our team is regularly adding popular features to ispmanager and eliminating bugs
Server resource savings and fault tolerance
Ispmanager has low hardware requirements. It consumes resources economically and at the same time can work even if almost all services fail or a DDoS attack occurs
Ispmanager is written in C++ and does not use Nginx and Apache in its own work. That gives high speed and fault tolerance. The panel is more productive than some competing solutions, and continues to work even when the web server crashes

Ispmanager panel

Extensive server management
capabilities and services on it

Web servers
Apache, Nginx, OLS Management
Website creation, CMS installation, website builder, file manager
Database installation and management
Built-in DNS server
Mail server and mail management
PHP selector
Support of PHP versions and modes separately for each site on one server
Installation and support Node.js

Protects your projects 24/7

Automatic backup
DDoS Protection
DDoS Guard module for protection against intruders
Configuring traffic filtering by IP
Dr. Web module for website protection
Spam filters
Checking emails via DNSBL blacklists, filtering by headers and other tools
Free SSL certificates
Free SSL from Let s Encrypt are installed and renewed automatically
User rights management
You can give access to the database, FTP server, sites

For managing VPS/VDS,
cloud and dedicated servers

Up to 10 domains
$ 5.95 per month
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Up to 50 domains
$ 11.89 per month
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Unlimited number of domains
$ 18.52 per month
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